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Default shortcode:


Shortcode attributes:

cal - include only following calendars. Example: [stachethemes_ec cal=1,2,3] where 1,2,3 are calendar ids
view - sets default view.
Example [stachethemes_ec view="month"]
Values are agenda, month, week, day, grid, map
show_views - show/hide top menu views buttons. Example [stachethemes_ec show_views=0]
Values are 1 or 0.
show_top - show/hide top menu. Example [stachethemes_ec show_top=0]
Values are 1 or 0.
agenda_cal_display - show/hide agenda calendar slider from agenda view. Example [stachethemes_ec agenda_cal_display=0]
Values are 1 or 0.
agenda_get_n - number of events to show in agenda view per "look for more" click. Example [stachethemes_ec agenda_get_n=5]

So for displaying upcoming events you can use something like following:

[stachethemes_ec view="agenda" show_top=0 agenda_cal_display=0 cal=1]

This will display the agenda accordion only with upcoming events from calendar with id 1 Show only today events from calendars 2,3 example:

[stachethemes_ec view="day" show_top=0 cal=2,3]

With update 2.3.7:

[stachethemes_ec cat=1,2,3]
[stachethemes_ec cat=1]

Where 1,2,3 are category id numbers

[stachethemes_ec start_date=2018-01-01] 

start_date - Calendar date on initial load. Defaults to "now"

[stachethemes_ec min_date=2018-01-01 max_date=2018-12-31]

min_date, max_date values: date in YYYY-MM-DD format, "next_week", "this_week", "next_month", "this_month"

Update 2.4

New "max_date"/"min_date" values: this_week, next_week, next_month, this_month, today
Example: [stachethemes_ec min_date=today max_date=next_week]
New "view"/"views" value: boxgrid
Boxgrid view example: [stachethemes_ec views=boxgrid view=boxgrid show_views=0 show_top=0]