Adding products with WooCommerce

Here is how you can add items to sell with your events by using WooCommerce.

  1. Go to Events.
  2. Select Calendar.
  3. Click Add Event or Edit Event.
  4. Click on Shop tab
  5. From the dropdown select the WooCommerce product you want to add to the product.
  6. Click Add to Event

All of the products logic is handled by WooCommerce itself. We are simply linking the product to the event. You don’t write prices etc. through our plugin. When you are creating an event there is a new tab “Shop” with list of all products you have.

You can select product(s) from the list and click “Add to Event”.

On the front-end if the event has linked products, the calendar will pull from WooCommerce the product details along with buy button, short description, prices etc. On clicking the buy button the plugin sends ajax request to WooCommerce plugin and then refreshes the Cart on success.