Current Version 3.0.5 - 25 March 2020


Changing the Single Event Page URL from stec_event/ to event/

Variant 1:

Go to Dashboard -> St. Event Calendar -> General -> Tools tab.

Go to the Permalinks section and edit "Event single page permalink" option from "stec_event" to "event". Then click on the "Save & refresh permalinks" button.

Variant 2:

To change Single Event Page URL from "stec_event" to just "event" we will have to add few lines of code.

Open your theme functions.php file and on the bottom add this code:

update_option('stec_permalinks', array(
            'calendar' => 'stec_calendar',
            'event'    => 'stec_event',
            'cron'     => 'stec_cron',
            'edit'     => 'stec_edit'

Edit "stec_event" to just "event".

If you get 404 error or the permalink did not update do the following:

Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks and just click Save Changes without doing anything.

After changes take effect you can remove the update_option(...) code.

If the problem persist just open a ticket and we will take a look.