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No Ticketing Functionality


  • SaraHelmy12 started the conversation

    Hi there!

    I am trying to make a calendar for people to book a tour with us. Weirdly I don't have the ticketing or booking options on my calendar. Am I doing something wrong? I didn't see any addons or additional things I had to download for this to work/populate.

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    Valentin replied


    The ticket and shop features are powered by Woo Commerce plugin. So in order to use them you need to have Woo Commerce plugin installed.

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  • SaraHelmy12 replied

    Ohhh ok, understood. 

    I've added Woocommerce and now have the functionality, thanks! Is there a way to connect an email confirmation to us when someone signs up? We're wanting to use this functionality for people to book a spot for a free tour of our space, and to get a notification when it's booked (preferably with more info), and for the event to possibly be unavailable to anyone else once it's booked.  Is any of this possible with this plugin? I know it's kind of weird and specific. Thanks for your help!

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    Zhivko replied

    Check Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Emails tab.

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