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wpbakery and event


  • TAYLOR started the conversation

    good day... i just purchased your plugin. it seems that it will work great for what we're needing. after installing and adding a few calendars, i immediately noticed that some of my wpbakery elements are showing distorted or messed up. please see this page and attachments of before and after. i really need these my plugin and the website theme that also uses wpbakery to work together. 


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  • TAYLOR replied

    update... i went ahead and chose a different different wpbakery element. wpbakery offers 2 accordians, although the title headers are way too large... with that, can you please see if there are any glitches with the wpbakery and the plugin, not sure if new issues are going to show up. thanks much 

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    Zhivko replied

    The calendar style class names are prefixed and it's very unlikely the issue to be coming from there.

    The only source I can think of at the moment could be from jQuery-UI style which can be disabled from Dashboard -> St. Event Calendar -> Misc -> Load jQuery UI style

    I've checked the headers and the style is coming from the theme. Screenshot attached.

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