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about organizer text


  • romain started the conversation

    Is it possible to have return to the line ( < br > ) in the short description text for oraganizers ?
    For now, all the text is very compacted...

    In 'stec_organizer' page...


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    Zhivko replied


    Could you provide me with wp-admin to check it out since the page is in maintenance mode.

    Stachethemes Developer

  •   romain replied privately
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    Zhivko replied

    Go to Dashboard -> St. Event Calendar -> Fonts & Colors -> Custom style tab and add following css:

    .stec-page-organizer .stec-page-organizer-person-about {
         line-height: 2.2 !important;

    This will increase the spacing between lines.

    Stachethemes Developer

  • romain replied

    Thanks for answer.
    But that does not answer my question. The description field appears to be raw (plain) text.
    I can't even do a line break. 
    And neither insert a simple html like ...

     <b>, <i> or <br>

    So the layout is not smart...

    Any alternative please ?

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    Zhivko replied

    Open file: stachethemes_event_calendar\assets\php\o.organizer.php on line 147


    $this->details = sanitize_textarea_field($details);


    $this->details = $details;

    After this change you should be able to insert html tags.

    Stachethemes Developer

  • romain replied

    Ok, thanks for this answer, and sorry for delay.

    Alone, this modification doesn't work.
    I must modify /stachethemes_event_calendar/view/front/pages/organizer.php at line 25 :

    ... echo($organizer->get_details())...

    Is there a way to insert this in my child theme, or all will go away at next update... ?

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    Zhivko replied

    It will go away and will be replaced with different filter that will allow html content.

    Stachethemes Developer