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Calendars disappear!


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    Bischbert started the conversation

    Hi support team, if have the problem, that the calendars on my webseite and sometimes disappear. Sometimes on desktop, than on ipad, than on mobile. But I don't can say why. Then I purge the cache and on mobile safari I see the calendar, but not on mobile Chrome. Than I purge the cache and the calendar disappears on mobile safari but on mobile chrome it is there. 

    With cache I mean Website cache. 

    Sometimes this is on desktop, but more often on mobile. 

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    Zhivko replied

    If that's caching issue I suspect it's caused by invalid nonce.

    Try following: 

    Open file stachethemes_event_calendar\assets\php\inc\inc.admin-ajax-public-task-handler.php

    and delete lines 12 to 18:

    if (false === check_ajax_referer('stecApiVerifyNonce', 'security', false)) {
        echo wp_json_encode(array(
            'error'     => 1,
            'error_msg' => esc_html__('Invalid nonce', 'stec')

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