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    tamaxx started the conversation

    Do you have any documentation on import/export. I have attached a test cvs file. 

    Thank you

    Attached files:  WIP.csv

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    Zhivko replied


    Sorry for the late reply.

    Unfortunately, the documentation is pretty outdated. We've added a lot of new features since we last updated. We're currently working on writting new one.

    What problem are you experiencing with the import function?

    I've checked your CSV file and noticed the time format differ from our default setting.

    So, go to Dashboard -> STEC -> Import Events. In "Import CSV Events" section click the blue button "CSV Settings". At the bottom of the settings look for "CSV Datetime format" field and set the value to m/d/Y G:i 

    You should be able to import the events from the csv now.

    Stachethemes Developer