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Is there a way to control when an event is pushed to the activity feed in Buddy Boss integration?


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    Kim Herbst started the conversation

    When I add a new event to a public calendar, it is automatically published to our Buddy Boss activity feed. If I make an edit to an existing event, the edit is also automatically published in the activity feed. I would like to be able to control when things are published in the feed. Like, if I'm just tinkering with the styling or details of an event, I really don't want each and every time I save a change to be published in the activity feed. Is there an easy way to make event edits private, and only publish the event/event changes when I'm ready?

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    Zhivko replied


    Unfortunately at the moment there's no control filter that can do that.

    I'll add your request to my todo list.

    Meanwhile you could disable the bp activity log when you edit an event by opening file 


    and edit line 140 from:

                        if ($is_update) {


                        if ($is_update) { return;

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