Public Ticket #2726278
Window resize triggers reload of images (at the same size) and breaks layout sometimes


  • Oliver Foxley started the conversation

    I was disappointed to learn that there isn't srcset included in the plugin to switch out images for smaller devices. It's more complex to make my own solution too as you've used background images vs html images with object position. This means that if I want everything looking good on all devices and on the coming soon pages too (where the images are full height of the viewport) I have to load huge files for every device. I will probably have to use an old solution like Adaptive Images to try and override this.

    This is only one half of the problem though. It seems that there is a class change to reference changes in the content width and a reload of the images is triggered every single time the browser finishes resizing. This means my huge images are called again and again. Not only this but the layout recalculates and I've found at some screen sizes it gets the width of the component (box-grid layout) wrong when recalculating on resize and sometimes even on load, this leads to some horrible horizontal overflow issues and breaks my layout. Is there any way to disable all this JS resize stuff and just have things working smoothly and properly in CSS as expected, according to my containing elements? 

    Thanks, Oliver