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Images intermittently not displaying in modal view and map view not says 'no events'


  • Oliver Foxley started the conversation

    Hi, I can't understand why map view won't display any of the events I've setup. All other views work. I've enabled all the scripts needed, I have a valid Google API key (maps work with this in the modal view and single event pages). Shortcode is exactly as in the demo and locations are properly set with addresses and decimal co-ordinates. The map loads but it just reports 'No mapped events found in this timeline'.

    Added to this images in modal windows seem to load now and again but most of the time not. Again I have no idea what is going on there. The thumbnails load every time, the main image doesn't. If you could possibly respond to my tickets I would be hugely grateful, I'm on a really tight deadline and trying to troubleshoot this plugin has already taken up a large portion of my time. Thanks in advance

  • Oliver Foxley replied

    UPDATE - the images not showing in the Event Info tab of the modal view is also an issue on your site demos too: https://stachethemes.com/wp-demos/the-calendar/modal-pages/ I've noticed sometimes they will show and other times they won't.

  • Oliver Foxley replied

    can be seen here in your demo (see attachment)

    Attached files:  Screenshot at Mar 22 09-27-04.png

  • Oliver Foxley replied

    UPDATE 2 - Sorry to keep adding to this but I've discovered the image display issue is related to the other issue with window resize and image display (see my original ticket). When the window is resized the images are shown at some screen sizes and then not at others, it intermittently shows and hides the images as you resize (not logical in breakpoints or anything) This is a really big deal for me, I'm not sure why they have to be continually re rendered with javascript when the css is taking care of the image fit anyway. It's a big issue that the images are being called multiple times on resize too again and again.

  • Oliver Foxley replied

    A quick suggestion too - background-position: 50% 50%; works much better as default for the event info thumbnails since they are cropped in such a panoramic format.