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Making Grid View uniform horizontal


  • rtackabury started the conversation

    We have been using the Grid View lately to show off our virtual programs, which has been great. The only thing is, some programs we require RSVPing, and some we don't. However, when you have a mixture, it throws off the entire page as each program stops being level with one another - as shown in the image I attached.

    I would like the programs to all sort of be level, with just straight horizontal rows. Is there any easy way to achieve this?

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    Zhivko replied


    The only way to achieve this is to set fixed height for each grid via css.

    E.g. In Dashboard -> STEC -> Fonts & Colors -> Custom style tab add following css:

    .stec-layout-grid-event {
         height: 465px !important;

    Additionally you could add:

    .stec-layout-grid-event-ul {
        position: absolute;

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