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Map view doesn't load any events + single pages not working


  • Oliver Foxley started the conversation

    Any support here at all? I've been waiting patiently for a solution to this, whilst others are still receiving your responses I've got a scheduled client website launch which has already been delayed over this and I can't get any support. Forget all my other tickets for now all I want is to display events in map view and come what may I can't get it to work. The events don't display anything in single page either which might be linked to the same issue? I would be super grateful for any response right now, thanks in advance. 

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    Zhivko replied


    Where can I take at look at the front-end?

    Stachethemes Developer

  • Oliver Foxley replied

    Hi, thanks for the reply, the site isn't visible to anyone but admin at the moment but it's just hidden by a visibility: hidden; rule on the * selector in the CSS. Can be easily unchecked in browser devtools. This is the link: https://cyag.org - shows box grid layout on the right side but the modal windows don't load images (only at certain screen sizes some of the time)

    EDIT -  images now showing again consistently in modal view - but they won't again next time I check. I have all cache disabled - it's a really weird and hard to track bug. Does the same on your website modal view demo: https://stachethemes.com/wp-demos/the-calendar/modal-pages/

    and this is the unfinished page which has the map view on it: https://cyag.org/activities/ it won't load any events even though I have a valid API key and locations properly set.

    This a single page: https://cyag.org/activities-calendar/football/ which as you can see shows no html.

    Thanks in advance

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    Zhivko replied

    Map view displays events month by month. Since you've disabled the top view perhaps you didn't notice it is displaying events form march.

    To define custom ranges for the map view add in your shortcode "map_date_start" and "map_date_end" attributes. Example:

    [stachethemes_ec map_date_start="2021-05-1" map_date_end="2021-05-31"]

    Regarding the images problem on modal view - you're the first one to report this problem. I'll investigate and will see why this is happening. If you could provide steps on how to reproduce the bug it would be great.

    For the single page - please flush your rewrite rules by going to Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks and click save without making any changes.

    Stachethemes Developer

  • Oliver Foxley replied

    Life Saver! Wow! I feel incredibly dumb now! ;-) 

    I've tried flushing the permalinks many times, both in plugin permalink settings and in wordpress settings as you describe.

    The modal images issue is very strange I honestly find it hard to reproduce but it seems linked to javascript calculations as it is displaying them sometimes when the window is resized. The other issue I have which may be related is network activity shows the same images being loaded again and again on window resize which seems odd.

    Thanks again for help, much appreciated!