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Virtual Event


  • krishna started the conversation


    I am waiting for your reply past 6 days.Site is live now.

    1. when I am clicking march 28 event booking, popup will show April 4 th event. Could you please .This problem is coming only when clicking on the button in list. Button inside the content show correct popup.

    2..I cant display only one week list. If I am clicking load more events in the next month also listing. future_months_ahead=1 this can limit to 1 month. But I need only  current week(Ex: 27-03-2021 to 02-04-2021).Is it possible?

    3.Attendee list in the front end shows old attendees of that recurring event. Can I remove the old one and display only the attendee of that particular date.

    4.Can I remove Zoom virtual event link from front end and send that link with confirmation mail after payment?

    This is the link of custom code you provided.