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No public Organizer to Show


  • Federico started the conversation

    I tried to enter test events and thus also the names of some fictitious organizers. 

    But I noticed that every time I reload the form the names of these organizers appear in the assigned field. They are in essence public and anyone could self-assign these credentials. 

    Is there any way to make it so that only those who log in to the front end can find their organizer credentials and not those of other agencies?

    Thank you very much


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    Zhivko replied

    If the organizer visibility is set to private only its author will be able to choose it.

    When creating an organizer from the front-end submit form the visibility value is to "private" by default.

    Stachethemes Developer

  • Federico replied

    How cani test the right functioning? 

    For what I see is not working

  • Federico replied

    As u can see here I'm logged out and the Organizers are already shown!!!

    Is working right for u?


  • Federico replied

    What I would to have is a calendar not public : my subscriber with credentials ID;PWD do login within the front end (not passing trough the back end) and fill the form with theri events.

    How can i reach this result? 

    Thank u