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Preview Customization / Automation / Error Message


  • oliverdickmann started the conversation

    Hi there,

    I have a couple of different requests:

    1. Agenda view: This my default view. As I am satisfied with title, date/time, location and description fields, I don't need the "single page"-information (everything within the "stec-layout-event-inner" tags, see screenshot). I need to deactivate the toogle functionality. How can this be done?

    2. Month/Week Grid view: Similar situation here. The 1st preview toggle with title, date/time, location and description fields is fine, but I don't need the 2nd  "single page"-information-toggle here as well (see screenshot). How can I deactivate the toggle functionality for the single page-informatio?

    3. I would like to customize the timelabel. How is it possible to add the additional label " Uhr" at the end of the timelabel (see screenshot)?

    4. Is it possible to connect to Zapier / make.com (formerly Integromat)? If yes, how or can you provide a tutorial?

    5. When importing / changing events, I always receive an error message regarding lines 21 and 27 in inc.page-templates.php (see screenshot)? How can I get rid of the error message?

    Please advise.

    Thanks and best regards,


    Attached files:  2022-09-17 stec-layout-event-inner.png
      2022-09-17 stec-layout-event-inner 2.png
      2022-09-17 timelabel customization.png
      2022-09-17 error message.png