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Presale Questions


  • Thomas started the conversation

    I have a few questions before purchasing.
    - A German translation is possible by default or do I need additional plugins for this?
    - 24 hour format / European form of the date are possible?
    - If I choose the agenda view (I don't really need another one), I only see 3 events of the month with other calendars. I read the documentation but didn't find any hint how to build the shortcode that shows for example all events of the month (without load more button)
    - I don't need week, day and month views. Can these be hidden?
    - I found this calendar here, for example: https://www.feschtkalender.info/
    If I change the month there, old events are still displayed. Expired events should actually no longer be displayed, only the upcoming events of the month to be displayed.

    I'm not a programmer, I'm currently using another calendar and would like a modern, sleek design with "my fonts" and colors. Do I need knowledge of css or are the options implemented. I had already tried the test mode, but I wasn't able to test or change all the functions. Or, to make it short: I would like to spend money on a lean, fast calendar that works perfectly and works with my "newspaper pro" theme. What I don't want: spending days and weeks making adjustments.